Carolinna Drummond is a Brazilian painter, born in São Paulo with a Escola de Belas Artes bachelor degree and an extension course from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM). She focuses mainly on creation and graphic design and her talent thrives in both drawing and painting, surprising the audience with her art work.

Her academic background includes an expressive number of courses in art techniques and theory. Her experience ranges from practice to observation and research.

Carolinna’s paintings evoke admirable artists, such as Modigliani, Matisse, Lautrec, Gauguin, Klimt and others.

The female figure is the current theme of her artistic production. Curves and organic lines are always seen in her art work and in the women she depicts, invents and reinvents. The essence of her beautiful work are the feminine, the sensuousness and bright colors.

The audience of Carolinna’s first exhibitions was already swept away by her work. Since then she has been working with great enthusiasm on the production of her first catalogue. To Carolinna, her paintings are filled with love and each of them is like a child she gives away to the world, with a great send of accomplishment.

May her contribution never cease, for the thriving of arts.

Gabriel Blasko – Art Director

Carolinna Drummond arises with the intensity of her talent, timeless and without any boundaries. With creativity and rapture, she takes us to colorful and unique encounters. We are standing in front of a true artist!

Marcia Drummond, painter and artist’s grandmother

Carolina Drummond’s art represents the feminine view of the female erotica which, differently from a man’s view, holds a natural and strong sensuality, made visible through the organic lines of her big and colorful paintings. When standing in front of her art work it’s impossible not to appreciate the exuberance of their forms and colors, as well as the visual textures obtained from the repetition of flowers and arabesques. Her figures show us a harmonious balance between pop art and sophistication of the sensuous appeal of her view of the feminine. I believe Carolina depicts the different women that exist inside each woman and, through her paintings, also lives a part of them.

Eurico Malagodi – Producer at MPCult